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Imago Workshop - "Geting The Love You Want"

Imago Workshop for Couples - A New Language for Love is based on the book by Dr. Herville Handrix and Dr. Helen Lackley Hunt  "Getting The Love You Want".


In this workshop couples are working together and gently get to a deeper connection. Through short lectures, demonstrations, self-guided exercises and practices, couples get to experience a greater understanding of themselves, of their partner and of the dynamics in their relationship. They develop a new level of empathy, safety and appreciation. Couples are leaving the workshop viewing their conflicts as an opportunity for growth and with tools that fundamentally change the way they approach and resolve conflicts in the relationship. Thousands of couples around the world who have experienced the workshop report that they have left it with a sense of hope, of closeness, with a deep connection, a stronger relationship, renewed intimacy, and tools that help them a lot in communicating.

 The workshop is for any couple!

  • For couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship and unresolved conflicts, crises, power struggles and confrontations, who are looking for a quick way that will get them to a better constructive communication between them. In the workshop they will acquire tools that enable such communication. With the Imago way of communicating (the Imago Dialogue), they will understand the source of the conflicts between them and the fact that each of them hurts and needs to be seen, understood and heard. Communication that allows for healing a rupture, for feeling safe with each other and for intimacy.

  • For couples who are at the beginning of a relationship and want to avoid past frustrations while building a strong foundation so that they avoid situations that can harm their connection and closeness.

  •  For couples who experience the routine as something that can cause them to disconnect and want to devote special time to the relationship without interruptions.

  • For couples who enjoy their relationship and want to enrich it with extra depth, closeness, experiential intimacy, insights about their relationship, and with learning additional ways to talk to each other.

  • For couples who have a great relationship but want it to be greater.

  • For couples who feel that the only thing that is left for them is to break up and want to decide if they can save the relationship

  • For any couple in any situation and at any age.


Keeping it private

Getting the Love You Want Workshop is a unique experiential workshop that allows each couple to work privately and does not require exposure. Couples who want to share with the group their experiences, have opportunities to do so during the workshop. It turned out that many couples who attended the workshop benefited from hearing other couples. It helped them a lot in their relationship. They suddenly realized that what was happening between them was happening to most of the couples, and that they were not an unusual couple walking around frustrated and disappointed with a relationship in which they had hoped to feel different.


What happens in the workshop?

  • Short lectures related to relationships according to Imago theory.

  • Demonstrations of different imago dialogues through videos or volunteer couples. These dialogues allow for a new understanding of your partner, a new way of listening to your partner and a new way of seeing and be seen like you never experienced before.

  •  Each couple experiences these dialogues privately and separately from the rest of the group. The dialogues are printed and easy to implement.

  • A personal booklet that allows you to gain in-depth insights about yourselves, your behaviors, your choice of that partner, and your vision for the relationship with your partner. The booklet stays with the couple, as a source for continued work on the relationship even after the workshop.

  •  Screening of videos adapted to the topics of the lectures.

  • In the workshop you will acquire tools that will allow you to:

    • Talk to each other in a way and language that you have not used before.

    • Create a dialogue in which each of you will feel seen and will be present to listen to the other in a way that will create intimacy in the space between you.

    • Observe differently the effect of your behavior on the relationship.

    • Look to the future together and create a common path to achieving your vision as a couple.

    • To leave at the end of the workshop with a feeling that the bond between you has strengthened, that the intimacy between you is deep, the hope in your heart is great and strong, and with tools that will ensure good communication, romance and mutual joy in the relationship.

The workshop:

  • Shortens the processes of couple therapy using the Imago method but does not constitute a personal couple therapy.

  •  In the workshop, while practicing the dialogues privately, you will receive help in case that you encounter a problem so that you can continue to progress in the practice privately.

  •  There is no close accompaniment of assistants throughout the dialogues in the workshop.

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