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About Me


I Enter the field of psychology after years of working as a teacher in Israel where I was born. After moving with my family to California, I got a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and my Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) license. I started my own practice over 25 years ago and have been working as an MFT ever since. For years I worked with both  individuals and couples. When I was introduced to Imago Relationship Therapy, the theory and practice of Imago made so much sense to me, that I decided to become certified in Imago Relationship Couples Therapy. Since then, for the last 18 years, I have worked mostly with couples, and I have become an advanced clinician in Imago Relationship Therapy, and  a "Getting The Love You WantWorkshop Presenter.

One of the foundational ideas of Imago Therapy is that we were all born into relationships (the hands of our caregivers) and we were all wounded in relationships (the same hands or others who raised us), and so it is only natural that our healing will also be in the context of a relationship.


I chose to devote my career to helping one couple at a time, with the hope that the children who will be born to them one day (or were already born), will emotionally and developmentally benefit from parents who treat the space between them as a sacred place, not only because that's where they feel most loved and loving, but also because that sacred space between parents becomes the "grass and playground" on which the kids grow up.


During the pandemic and the lockdown, many parents of adult children that were estranged by their children or not so close with them found themselves lonelier. They became really scared for their well-being, having no one to take care of them in case they get sick, no one to drop some food or groceries on their front door, or check in with them and reduce their sense of isolation. Many parents were seeking help for their fears and guidance for reconciliation with their adult children. After many calls that I got, I decided to open my practice to help parents in this crisis. I help them reconcile with their children if the children are willing to participate in the process.

I was trained by Dr. Joshua Coleman and I implement Imago Therapy when seeing pair of a parent with an adult child.


I have been happily married for many years, including raising two children. Today I am also a proud grandmother to an amazing grandson!

If you feel you are stuck in a relationship that does not feel like it used to when you fell in love, if you are debating whether there is any point in continuing, if you want to better understand yourself and your spouse, or if you simply want to learn new communication skills, I'm here to help.

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