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More About Intensives

In my work with couples, I also offer Intensive Sessions. An Intensive Session is longer than the standard hour-and-a-half couples session. The length of an Intensive allows a couple to get to the root of their issues more quickly, and thus also to more quickly move towards the results they wish for. With Intensive Sessions, couples can restore safety between them and feel a deeper connection at a faster pace. 


There are a few ways I do Intensives:


A. When a couple is at the midst of a session and we all realize that we don’t want to lose a critical momentum that has the potential to bring them closer together and help them navigate a way out of a crisis. I always leave myself enough time between sessions so that in case I believe the couple would benefit from extra time, I am available.


B. When a couple asks ahead of time for a longer session because they feel that an hour and a half will not be enough for the issue they want help with. It can vary from 2 hours to a full day or two full days, with a break for lunch. We discuss it ahead of time and decide together how much time they will need.


C. One or two days of a structured plan that I come up with for:

  • a couple in crisis that needs a more immediate and longer intervention

  • a couple looking to clean past experiences and wishing to start a new chapter in their relationship equipped with relationship tools

  • a couple satisfied with their current relationship, but wanting to make it even stronger by acquiring a new toolbox that will make them closer and happier together.

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